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The pictured bus was left by the retreating and capitulating German army in our territory. It was towed by an individual who planned to start a bus service. He never drove it. In 1948, after the communists' take-over, he removed the engine and certain other parts, to prevent the bus being nationalized. In this way he immobilized several additional vehicles and saved them thus from a certain liquidation. The bus was manufactured in 1943 and is completely original. The small defects were caused by minor accidents during the war. I have a small problem with the engine and the radiator. Although I have four engines, none of them is complete. I am also lacking any documentation.




Berliot was found on the same spot, and its fate was also similar. So far I was not able to find its engine and documentation.


Very rare heavy truck Büssing-NAG 900. Only 80 vehicles were produced in 1937–1939. Original chassis was completed with a copy of superstructure.